NXP Semiconductors is working on a new network processor

Modern high-speed networks require serious switches from switches and routers, so the emergence of specialized network processors and accelerators has not surprised anyone for a long time. NXP Semiconductors is currently working on one of these processors. A novelty called QorIQ LayerScape LX2160A will have a very serious configuration. The new processor is based on the supermarine ARM Cortex-A72 architecture, which is one of the most productive ARM implementations to date, supporting extraordinary execution of instructions and able to handle bulk caches (up to 4 MB L2 or more).

NXP Semiconductors is working on a new network processor

Such kernels with a frequency of up to 2.2 GHz are planned for LayerScape LX2160A 16, the L2 cache volume is increased to 8 MB, in addition, SoC will receive 8 MB of total cache. Dual-channel DDR4 controller with ECC support will allow you to connect up to 256 GB of RAM. The network part of the LX2160A is very advanced: the design includes 16 configurable Ethernet ports. Depending on the model and the customer’s wishes, they can operate in modes up to 100G. There is a built-in switch of the second level with a capacity of 130 Gbit / s. Expandability of the new network processor will provide six dedicated lines PCIe 4.0 and 24 lines SerDes with a frequency of up to 28 GHz.

NXP Semiconductors is working on a new network processor

The dedicated security accelerator has a capacity of 50 Gbit / s, and the compression-decompression unit is able to pass 100 Gbps through itself without loading the main cores. For connecting peripherals and subsystems, 4 SATA 3.0 ports are provided, as well as SD, eMMC, DUART, I2C, CAN and USB 3.0 interfaces. The processor will receive a package with 1517 contacts measuring 40 × 40 millimeters. Due to the use of 16-nm technical process FinFET the heat package will not exceed 30 watts. Software support will be provided by the Linux SDK for QorIQ, compatibility with the development package CodeWarrior for ARMv8. In addition to the 16-core LX2160A, less powerful but more affordable 12- and 8-core versions will be released – the LX2120A and LX2080A. Samples will be available to order in the first quarter of this year, and mass production of new products is scheduled for 2019. It is expected that in batches of 1000 chips the cost of the older version will be about $ 350 per processor, which is very modest for a device with such characteristics.

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The flagship LG smartphones have an extremely dangerous “mistake”

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The flagship LG smartphones have an extremely dangerous "mistake"

Company Check Point found vulnerability in the advanced smartphones LG. This is reported by specialized technical publications.

The flagship LG smartphones have an extremely dangerous "mistake"Pogrebinsky on the “fantasy” of Poroshenko: a meeting with Putin will not take place

According to the media, experts at Check Point Software Technologies Ltd found a significant vulnerability in gadgets LG G4, LG G5 and LG G6.

In the texts of specialists it is a question of several dangerous mistakes. Among them, connecting the smartphone to a defenseless connection when updating the language and others. The most dangerous is a “hole”, which can allow attackers to put a virus-extortioner into the gadget.

Currently, LG is notified of the vulnerabilities of the system. The concern is working on their prompt removal.

The QSAN XCubeNAS XN8016R and XN8024R NAS Servers are rack-mountable

The company QSAN Technology announced network storage data XCubeNAS XN8016R and XN8024R, designed for corporate customers.

The QSAN XCubeNAS XN8016R and XN8024R NAS Servers are rack-mountable

The devices are designed for rack mounting. Model XN8016R, which allows the use of 16 drives size 3.5 inches, has a 3U form factor. The XN8024R version for 24 drives is made in a 4U form factor. Drives with SAS 12 Gb / s and SATA 6 Gb / s interfaces can be used.

At the core of the storage is the Intel Xeon processor with four processing cores running at a clock speed of 2.2 GHz. The amount of RAM DDR4 in the basic configuration is 8 GB, in the maximum – 128 GB.

The QSAN XCubeNAS XN8016R and XN8024R NAS Servers are rack-mountable

Devices have a fully modular design: all components can be removed and serviced without the use of tools. Fault tolerance is provided by redundancy of all units according to the N + 1 principle, which also has a hot-swap function, including power supplies and cooling modules.

There are two network ports 10 GbE LAN (RJ45) and one network port 1 GbE LAN (RJ45). In addition, there are two USB 3.0 connectors and one USB 2.0 connector.

The QSAN XCubeNAS XN8016R and XN8024R NAS Servers are rack-mountable

As a software platform, QSM 3.0 (QSAN Storage Management 3.0) is used. It provides uninterrupted reliable storage management, protection from data corruption, flexible storage expansion, several mechanisms for maintaining data integrity, etc.

Information on the price of QSAN XCubeNAS XN8016R and XN8024R repositories is unfortunately not available.

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4 functions that Siri should borrow from Google Assistant

Siri has long lagged behind Assistant, but recently Google again wiped Apple’s nose by presenting an updated version of its voice assistant. To make up for a little bit, the iPhone manufacturer needs to steal a couple of functions from a competitor.

4 functions that Siri should borrow from Google AssistantConvenient text input support

Siri can now read text commands, but this option is in the universal access settings for people with disabilities. It would be worthwhile to take it directly to the interface of the voice assistant, so that users do not have to constantly change the parameters of the system.

This would be useful in situations where it is inconvenient for a person to communicate with Siri, but I would like to ask her to perform a certain command. For example, create a playlist, quickly send a message or create a note.

4 functions that Siri should borrow from Google AssistantEnhanced support for third-party applications

For a long time Apple cooperated only with selected developers and did not allow third parties to include support for Siri. In iOS 10, this restriction was removed, but only for certain types of programs. For example, for instant messengers and task managers. Apple should also untie the hands of other developers, so that they can introduce support for their proprietary voice assistant into their products. It would be nice if Siri scooped information about movies and cinemas from the Rambler. Cash, and data on traffic jams from Yandex.Map.

Google Assistant in this regard is much more developed and has long “made friends” with all third-party utilities and services sold in Play Market.

Same features on all devices

Ironically, but in the iPhone, Mac, Apple Watch and HomePod as if “live” different voice assistants. They know different languages, they have different skills. Even their voices are different. And if the difference between Siri for computers and smartphones is not too great, then in the case of a column and a TV set-top box, it is very noticeable. Apple’s time to bring the assistant in order and make her a single organism on all branded gadgets.

4 functions that Siri should borrow from Google Assistant

In Google Assistant, there is no such fundamental difference on different devices. Regardless of the chosen platform, you can count on a full set of features and do not have to select teams for each one separately, thinking about what the column can do and what is the smartphone.

Contextual interface

Android devices have an excellent Google feature Now on Tap. Depending on the user’s activity, she selects links and useful information, which he will definitely need. For example, if an album of a popular group is opened in the player, then artificial intelligence Google after the call will show a link to the group’s page on Wikipedia or its channel in YouTube. Given that the Siri interface alone does not do any good, it would be nice to see in it a list of links to relevant resources or even keys for performing quick actions such as creating reminders without having to say it out loud.

Of course, Google Assistant has many other useful features, but many of them collect too much personal data, which violates the principles of Apple. But even the features described above will be enough to make Siri a little better and more useful. Now, unfortunately, the voice assistant Apple leaves much to be desired.

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Saudi air defense repulsed missile attack on Riyadh

Saudi air defense repulsed missile attack on Riyadh

According to the agency, the shelling occurred on May 9. Both missiles were fired from Yemen. Meanwhile, eyewitnesses report four powerful explosions that were heard in the city. At the moment, no casualties or injuries have been reported.

The launch of the two missiles was confirmed by a grouping of pro-Iranian husits ​​in Yemen, but they claim that the shells were fired at the air defense facilities in Jizan. Attack of the Saudi capital hussites did not comment.

The shelling occurred the day after US President Donald Trump announced the country’s withdrawal from the agreement on Iran’s nuclear program. Part of the decision was due to US concerns about Tehran’s development of intercontinental ballistic missiles and Iran’s role in armed conflicts in Yemen and Syria.

At the end of March, Saudi Arabia announced the interception of seven missiles. Three of them were sent to the capital of the Kingdom of Riyadh, two missiles flew towards Khamis-Mushait and Najran. Two more rockets were fired on the Jazzan.

The network has new details about the flagship smartphone HTC U12 +

Popular insider Roland Quantt (Roland Quandt) shared new information on the flagship smartphone HTC U12 +.

What told

According to Kuant, the novelty will receive a 6-inch display (most likely with an IPS-matrix). In addition, in Europe, the smartphone will be sold with a configuration of 64 GB. HTC U12 + will appear in four colors, one of which is transparent, like HTC U11 +. Well, the cost of a smartphone will be high. Approximately, this is $ 850- $ 950.

HTC U12 +: Black, Red Rose, Violet and "Translucent" variants planned. Comes with 6in screen and 64GB in Euroland. Single and Dual SIM models planned. And it will not be cheap.

– Roland Quandt (@rquandt) May 9, 2018

Earlier it was reported that the novelty will be equipped with a screen with a resolution of 2960×1440 pixels, a top-end Snapdragon 845 chipset, 6 GB of RAM, 64/128 GB of ROM, a battery for 3400 mAh and water protection according to the IP67 / 68 standard. Also, the smartphone should receive four cameras. The main one is 12 Mp + 16 Mp and the front one is 8 Mp + 8 Mp.

When to expect

The official announcement of the smartphone will be held on May 23. HTC U12 + will compete with Galaxy S9 / S9 +, Huawei P20 / P20 Pro and Sony Xperia XZ2.

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15-30 minutes of training a day to improve the brain and make you smarter

The psychologist and author of the book “Willpower is not working” Benjamin Hardy told in his column on Medium on how learning positively affects the brain, improves memory and makes a person happier.

In the book “The Blue Zones in Practice: How to Become a Long-Liver” writer Dan Buttner tells how to live a long and happy life. One of the secrets is to constantly learn something new. If you stop learning, you will quickly grow old.

Use different learning styles

It is very important to dedicate an enormous amount of time to learning one idea or thing. However, you must resort to different methods of teaching.

Of course, it is important WHAT you are teaching, but more importantly, HOW do you teach this. If you just read books, your brain will atrophy in certain parts, which will make you grow old faster.

15-30 minutes of training a day to improve the brain and make you smarterPhoto: Unsplash

We all have a predominant style of learning. In difficult situations, we rely on spare styles. But there are some that we deny and avoid.

These include:

Imagination: inventing ideas

  • Reflection: studying the ideas that you came up with

  • Analyzing: Synthesis of what you have been studying, and drawing up strategic plans for what to do next with ideas

  • Making decisions: The choice of one path by which you will follow with your idea

  • Act: Action that will help achieve your idea

  • Tests: examining the problem from different angles

    Refer to more teaching methods, then your brain will function faster and better.

    Allocate 15-30 minutes a day to study something new

    As a child, you tried a lot of different things. Your brain has developed. Unfortunately, over time people stop experimenting with new activities. And this is wrong. Every day, learn something new. For example:


    This is an excellent quench for the brain. However, one should not learn languages, relying only on one technique. Here are some tips on how to do this:

    Language Applications

  • Cards

  • Watching movies in the original

  • Communication with media

  • Listening to music in a foreign language

  • Reading books in the original

  • Immersion in foreign culture

    The more techniques you apply in practice, the better. In addition, even 15-30 minutes a day spent on active learning, will open and expand your consciousness.

    Musical instruments

    This is also very useful for the brain. Try to turn the learning process into a game – in video games, for example, you have to perform quests or goals. Set yourself a small task. Learn to play the piano using the application on your phone. It’s fun and informative. In addition, it is always interesting how far you can go.

    15-30 minutes of training a day to improve the brain and make you smarterPhoto: Unsplash

    How does your brain change when you learn something new

    First, learning improves memory. The biggest enthusiasts can develop practically photographic memory. This is quite real.

  • Secondly, the more often you can win small victories and achieve small goals, the more confident you will feel.

  • Thirdly, studying one subject can promote creative breakthroughs in other areas of your life. Mastering the subject with an entirely new learning style, the brain produces all sorts of unique links to your current occupation. This is called “indirect training”. Perhaps this is the most effective tool. This is how Albert Einstein, the Beatles and other best innovators and artists have achieved great results in science and creativity. For example, Albert Einstein worked in the patent office when he realized the relativity of time. The Beatles studied foreign music, which later became fathers and legends of rock and roll. One of the world’s leading chefs Grant Akats studied abstract art to find inspiration for his main work.

    How to maximize results

    Every day, learn something new (playing a musical instrument, language, cooking, traveling).

  • Despite the fact that you do this just for fun, set goals.

  • Turn the learning process into a game – you can, for example, organize a competition with your friends.

  • At least five times a week, give 15-30 minutes to these things.

  • Once in one or two weeks, conduct an intensive three-hour session of total immersion and concentration.

  • During such sessions, do fitness breaks every five minutes – for example, walk around the house or do 50 push-ups.

  • Drink plenty of water.

  • Always carry a notebook with you and write down all the creative ideas, regardless of whether they are related to your main field of activity or not.

  • Think about how the new skills will help you in the future. Be creative. For example, the author wants to learn how to play the piano to develop photographic memory and enhance creative thinking. Music helps him cope with difficult problems and express emotions. He also believes that this will be useful for his brain and creativity.

    In other words: you must understand why you are doing something. However, you must also set small goals and achieve them, so as not to lose interest and continue to move in this direction.


    When you study new things, you change. If you spend 15-30 minutes a day on new activities, completely focus on them and activate different areas of the brain, you become healthier and younger.

    15-30 minutes of training a day to improve the brain and make you smarterPhoto: Unsplash

    In addition, you are improving in those areas of life where you have already achieved high success. You can look at yourself and the world in a new way.

    Impact on others

    When you change yourself, your psychology, biology, environment and loved ones change. You start to communicate with people differently. You become more loving and responsive in a relationship. You start to love your friends and family more. You look at them differently. You notice little things. You appreciate them.

    Your imagination expands, and you get rid of limited patterns of thinking. Once again, the essence of indirect learning is to look at things from the other side. Therefore, practicing, playing and overcoming yourself, you will understand how to improve the approaches that you use in work and other areas of life. If you do not, you miss too much.

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    A beta version of the new Android has been released

    A beta version of the new Android has been released

    At the conference for developers of Google I / O, it was announced the release of a preview version of the new Android. Beta version – Android P Developer Preview – is open for free download from the company’s website. It can be installed not only on "guglofony" Pixel, but also on some models of Nokia, Vivo, OnePlus, Xiaomi, Sony, as well as Essential and Oppo.

    A beta version of the new Android has been released

    Unlike last year’s Android Oreo, Android P is full of changes both outside and inside. Users of the update will be greeted by a new information panel showing when, how often and for how long those or other applications were launched. There will be an opportunity to limit the time of using the programs: for example, on Instagram you can set a half-hour limit per day, after which its icon will turn black and white.

    A beta version of the new Android has been released

    In the case of the iPhone X, the new Android will adopt a gesture interface for switching between applications. "Home", "Go back" and the button for entering the multitasking mode will disappear: they will be replaced by a single pill-shaped key in the center of the screen. If you do it with a svayp from the bottom up, a list of recently launched programs will open, when you repeat, the list of proposed applications appears. Tap can be returned to the home screen at any time.

    A beta version of the new Android has been released

    The button to return back will appear if the user is inside the application. Swapping left and right are used to switch between programs – just like on an iPhone X.

    Notifications can be controlled directly from the falling curtains, writes The Verge. If you click on the new button Manage notifications, you can see how long notifications came in, and also find out which programs send down more often than others.

    A beta version of the new Android has been released

    Release of the final version of Android P is scheduled for the fall.

    Cat-Yamakashi impressed web users with acrobatic jumps

    It’s no secret to anyone that one of the main functions of instant messengers, and the entire world wide web, perhaps – the opportunity to send each other funny pictures and videos with seals.

    Short and long-haired, slender and thick, like seals, newborns and wise men, these fluffy tailed creatures do not cease to amaze, surprise and touch people who mistakenly believe that these cats belong to them, although in fact everything is just the opposite.

    Cat-Yamakashi impressed web users with acrobatic jumps

    Another video evidence of the incomprehensibility and uniqueness of cats – this movie is in the spirit of films about Yamakashi. To avoid a fight with just three opponents in a narrow alley, the cat-protagonist makes a series of high jumps along an unpredictable trajectory and leaves literally from under the nose of the confused enemies. Parkour? He himself, no doubt.

    Users in the comments under the video hovered in conjecture. "Messi!" – learned one great master of feints. "Matrix" – suspected the wrong others.

    Cat-Yamakashi impressed web users with acrobatic jumps

    Apple came up with a way to protect gadgets from special services

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    Apple has added to the iOS feature, thanks to which intelligence agencies will not be able to access data from the smartphone, reports Techcrunch.com.

    This is a mode of limited access USB, which was identified by experts in the code iOS 11.4. The innovation disables the transmission of information via the Lightning port on the phone, if the device remains locked for a week. That is, the function implies that data on the iPhone can not be obtained if the owner does not unlock it.

    As the newspaper notes, law enforcement can extract information from the gadget when it is connected to a computer. If the police or special services fail to bypass the security system of the smartphone, the device is stored as evidence until there is a way to hack it.

    In the meantime, spoilers appeared on the web about possible sizes of new iPhone models that will be released in 2018. Presumably, Apple will introduce two new versions of the iPhone X, as well as a budget version of the smartphone.